Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Band Best Not Play Me Off...

I'm down 1.4 lbs this week, which brings me to a total loss of 15.2 lbs since Christmas!

Thank you, thank you!

I didn't prepare a speech...I don't know what to say! Ummm...I'd like to thank my weekly allowance of 35 extra dubdub Points for letting me eat tacos on Thursday night without guilt. I'd like to thank the elliptical machine at the gym - you know which one you are (LifeFitness on the left with a built-in TV). OH, and I can't forget the high-protein dinner last night that didn't sit in my stomach like a sack of quarters.

But most importantly, I'd like to thank my bowels for surprising me with an unprecedented a.m. movement. You...your love and respect is insurmountable.

I'm suffering an embarrassment of riches.

So there's that,



Justin said...

Laura...LAURA....who are you wearing this evening!?

Michelle K said...

Pretty soon she'll be wearing an original design by Laura...Paper Clip Heaven!

Good work !

manda said...

Great job Laura - keep at it!!